Calit2 Summer Scholars Poster Session - Tomorrow!

By Maureen Curran

The twenty-five UCSD undergraduates who participated in the 2010 Calit2 Summer Undergraduate Research Scholars program are ready to showcase the results of their work -- everyone is invited! 

Wednesday, September 22
2-3 p.m. Short Presentations by five Summer Scholars during the Calit2 General Staff Meeting
3-5 p.m. Poster Session
Location: Calit2 Auditorium and First Floor Lobby, Atkinson Hall, UC San Diego

Five of the Calit2 Scholars will make short presentations during the next Calit2 General Staff Meeting on September 22 at 2pm, followed by a Poster Session at which all of the summer scholars will talk about and show their work. In addition, the poster session will feature the work of some of the undergraduates who spent the summer doing cyberinfrastructure-related research in Japan, China, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Australia or New Zealand as part of the Atkinson Hall-based and NSF-funded Pacific Rim Experiences for Undergraduates (PRIME) program. We anticipate over 25 research posters on a wide range of topics and disciplines.

The short presentations by Calit2 Summer Scholars during the meeting itself will cover:

"Multi-Resolution Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) for Sound Synthesis"Scholar: Matthew Burns, Junior, Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts; and MusicAdvisor: Tom Erbe, Music

"Examining Viscoelastic Properties of Cells Exposed to Uniaxial Stretch"Scholar: Thomas Chew, Freshman, Bioengineering: BiotechnologyAdvisor: Shu Chien, Bioengineering

"Receptivity of Society to Museums and Cultures of Learning"Scholar: Narisa Silver, Junior, SociologyAdvisor: Bennetta Jules-Rosette, Sociology

"Basics of Hand-Computer Interaction"Scholar: Bryan Ransil, Freshman, Computer ScienceAdvisor: Falko Kuester, Structural Engineering and Computer Science

"Improving Patient Safety Through the Development of Intelligent Medical Simulators"Scholar: Suraj Kedarisetty, Junior, BioengineeringAdvisor: Nathan Delson, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

In addition to the Calit2 Scholar presentations, UCSD Division Director Ramesh Rao will provide a brief status report on Calit2 as the 2010-11 academic year gets underway. Calit2 faculty, staff and students are urged to attend, and the meeting is open to the public.

For more on the Calit2 summer research program for undergraduates, visit To read more about the program and see a list of all the scholars and the topics of their research posters, go to

For more on the PRIME program, visit

For questions about this event, please contact Samie Romanin at



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